Issues || My Political Leanings

My beliefs are simple.  I believe in a stronger America.  I believe that together we are stronger.  My thoughts are as follows:

 I am fiscally conservative

I believe in smaller government, lower taxes and a strong military

I am unabashedly pro-life.  I don't believe in abortion and I don't believe there are exceptions.

I believe in our Constitution and the rule of law.

I believe in traditional family values but I also believe that families can differ from those expected by our religious institutions.  I support equality in all forms.  The Constitution guarantees equality to all.  

I do support religious freedom and I acknowledge that our religious freedoms may not coincide with social norms or the state.  Religious institutions should not be penalized for their beliefs.

I am also a realist and recognize that we have a common destiny and that we can and should work with one another to better our communities. I know that the solutions to our nation’s problems will not be easy and I am cognizant that these very solutions are not likely to come from the far left or the far right on the political spectrum. Instead, they are likely to come from somewhere in between those extremes, in line with the beliefs of the vast majority of Americans, where common sense and decency prevail.